Moving... without the melodrama
Helping elderly people to downsize without stress

There are multiple reasons why an older person decides to downsize. Maybe you or your elderly relative have become too frail to live alone. Perhaps the current house can’t be adapted to meet the needs of later life. Or there could be a desire to release some equity to spend or save. FlitMate is the trusted resource who will help make it happen.

There for busy people moving up the property ladder

Many Edinburgh professionals have a hectic career or family life. When you’re cash rich but time-poor, it’s impossible to keep on top of everything that a house move entails. That’s where FlitMate comes in. Outsource your next house move to Robert Edwards, and he’ll project manage the whole process for you, saving you time and hassle.

Supporting professional services in house moves

When you’re a solicitor, conveyancer, estate agent or removal firm, you probably find that some clients need a bit of extra help and support. FlitMate is the experienced contact point you can trust. We stay on top of all the admin and communications, to help you do your job more effectively. Partner with FlitMate, and you’ll be able to get a move on.

How we help

The legal definition of the FlitMate service is business project management services and intermediary services in relation to personalised house moves. However, that’s a little dry and dull. What it means is that we provide as much (or as little) help as each house move requires, with the appropriate balance of practical support and emotional reassurance. We do the grunt work; you remain in control.


Choose from three levels of assistance:

    • Gold service
      This is a complete service that includes everything listed under Silver and Bronze PLUS We’ll help prepare your home for sale, and support you in buying your new home. Once you’re in your new place, we’ll help you to settle in, and even tell everyone your change of address
    • Silver service
      This extensive service includes everything listed under bronze PLUS help to find your new home. We will draw up a shortlist of suitable properties that you might like, and accompany you on viewings.
    • Bronze service
      This is our basic service to help you move. We will liaise with utility providers, removals companies, estate agents and solicitors. We’ll also help you sort out the contents of your home; including what to donate, what to keep, and what to sell.
Those are just some of the ways FlitMate can help. If you need additional assistance, please let us know. If Robert can’t do the work himself (such as building work, for example), he’ll recommend a tried-and-trusted supplier who can. In short, we provide all the support you need to arrange your move, your way.

FlitMate handles only a few carefully selected house moves each year. This allows Robert to give each project the attention it deserves. Initially, this service is only available for moves within Edinburgh.

Let Robert be your FlitMate.